About Us

The Blanco family emigrated in the early ’90s from Bogota, Colombia to Miami, Florida with two children. By the end of the 1990s, Fernando Blanco had found his current Italian Eatery inside the Marco Polo hotel located in Sunny Isles Beach.

He talked to Mr. Benneth Lifter who was the owner of the hotel, and he gave Fernando a 3-day trial to see if he was capable of managing the business. Once he succeeded with the trial, it turned out to be a great business. Today, Pizza Bianco is an Italian Restaurant at service to the local community and all Miami’s tourists.

The preparations of our pizzas always represent a professional challenge because the result is the success of a good meal.

It is our business to not only to follow the rules of the food progress but to take into account important details for perfection such as the items that are used, raw materials, their qualities, ripening times, refrigeration, temperature and cooking times.

And once cooked to the desired temperature, it reaches the table of the honorable customer.

In Pizza Bianco, we create a crispy crust, tasty and always fresh New York Style, with our own family recipe. Our pizza dough is mixed with the finest products taking to the appropriate texture.